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Why on earth would I go speed dating?!?


Where are you going to meet a room full of cool singles who are there because they WANT to date?  PLUS they have enough confidence to show up at a speed dating event!  That's HOT!  Not only are the guests cool, but the hosts and venue staff are way cool too! (Yes, your hosts wrote this!  Don't judge!)  

Seriously, we are really impressed with the QUALITY of people who attend.  We want to build a community of singles who have integrity.  No one is perfect.  We appreciate those who don't judge a book by its cover.  They actually use the speed dates to get a snapshot of the person inside before making a decision IF they'd want to get to know that person better or not.   [Remember, though, that no one is background checked so use common sense.]  We're all in this together so let's make it FUN! 


Speed Dating = EIGHT dates in ONE night plus mingling with a bunch more prospects, er, singles! Yes, that's right.  You will be SAVING TIME like crazy because all you have to do is SHOW UP...not to mention you'll be saving money (see next column).  

Speaking of CRAZY!  Online dating can take FOREVER to read all those profiles, correspond with a few for awhile, and FINALLY set up a date to meet ... only to be disappointed that they have OLD photos and/or there's ZERO chemistry ... or they are flat out crazy.  You can just get rid of that online dating profile now and go to our monthly events!  You'll have more FUN!

[Think of speed dating like a pre-date. You talk for a couple minutes ... just enough to know if there's enough interest to go out on a first date.  Studies show that sometimes it takes more than one or two meetings to build chemistry! Please be patient and kind. Although this event is speed dating, you can take your time on the rest of your dates! ]


Our prices run from $20 to $50/ticket (depending on venue & their options). Add an optional drink (or two) and an appetizer to support the venue/waitstaff and to stave off being hangry for your first impression. (Take it from us!  Hungry + angry = hangry = not a good look!!)

For that, you'll get EIGHT DATES in your chosen age group for the price of one nice dinner date.  That's right!  Eight dates!  DANG...we should charge more!  

MANY times we offer additional bonuses before, during and/or after the actual speed dating event.  Sometimes the price is included in your ticket and sometimes it is optional add-on.  When you buy your ticket, it will be clearly written out.

Possible bonus or add-ons: classes, dance lessons, LIVE music, dancing, activities, and MORE. 




It's the people we meet that make these events fun.  So relax, be yourself, and have a great time.  You will connect if you're warm and inviting to both men and women, look for the good qualities in your date, and focus on making others feel comfortable and appreciated.  But most of all, remember to enjoy yourself by letting go of expectations and just have fun with the other singles. 

We're all in this together!  X

Get in control and change your dating life today! 



Their unanimous advice: "Just go. You never know!"

These are a few of the couples (that we know of) who met at our events and were sweet to share their photos with us!  X❤


We're looking forward to meeting you!

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Go on multiple dates!

Have you tried Speed Dating yet? Meeting new friends...and potentially your next love...is what makes speed dating so appealing. Who knows who you'll meet? You could meet a new best friend or the love of your life! 

OR you could meet a fanatic, your ex, or the occasional oddball!

Going with a few of your single friends is a BLAST too! 

 You may not meet "your special someone" at your first or second event, but getting yourself out there while having fun is an important step.

What do you have to lose? Attend our monthly Speed Dating Events so you'll meet a reason to STOP going!


Hire a dating coach! 

Are you tired of feeling like you just keep picking the same kind of person over and over again for relationships? Maybe you aren't getting enough quality dates?  Or the ones you actually like are just not that  interested in you?

Or perhaps you haven't been single in WAY too long so you just don't even know where to start? (It's a WHOLE new game out there these days.)

When you're ready for a personal dating coach, you'll know it! It's right before you're ready to give up on dating altogether... but you also just can't bear the thought of being alone the rest of your life!!

Hiring a personal dating coach can help you put things into perspective, get the edge you need, help you navigate online dating, profile photos/wording, first dates, wardrobe choices, updating your look, and more!


Attend our singles events!

In addition to speed dating, we sometimes have SINGLES events that are less structured and more of a way to MINGLE.  We love to have time to just chat with others in a low-key manner or maybe do activities together.  

These activites might include things like dancing, card games, board games, sports, walking, sight seeing, traveling, movies, happy hours, coffee shops, live music, wine or beer tastings, animals (dog walks, horseback riding) volunteer work and much more!

Let us know if you want to lead an activity!


Communication & Relationship Classes 

Have you ever wondered if there was anything you could do that would help understand yourself or the thoughts and feelings you have about love, sex and relationships? How about understanding the opposite sex? 

These classes are for all of us who want to understand WHY we act the way that they do in life and relationships. This includes men AND women (whether married or single) in our30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond! 

Each class offered will build on the knowledge from the prior classes but can stand alone as well. The more you go, the more you'll know! You'll learn TOOLS and strategies to really rock your love life and have healthy relationships!!

Most classes will be FREE or very inexpensive (to cover the rental of the space or the fee of guest instructors).